Old Mill Trip to the Kruger National Park and Mpumalanga

Old Mill Trip - The staff at Barberton

Finding the correct words to describe a trip of note is rather difficult as I am not sure if I would do justice to the experiences which will remain in our hearts forever.

On the 12th May, Nikki Van Rillaer, owner of the 4 star Old Mill Guest House and Restaurant in Swellendam took the Staff, who has been working for her, rendering loyal service for over ten years; out on a trip and a course to Mpumalanga Barbeton. She’s been planning to take us since August 2013. We all thought it will never realise but it turned out to be happening. As the days got closer to the day of the actual journey most, if not all, our nerves was quite working overtime.

The afore mentioned is due to many reasons: one, none of us has ever flown in an aeroplane before, secondly we have never been to another province, and that is  just to mention a few.

Regardless on the 12the May 2014 at approximately 7 a.m. we hid the road with Swellencab, Taxi services to Cape Town International Airport. Went to departure’s then took a flight at 12:30 with Mango airlines to Tambo Airport Johannesburg and arrived at 15H.00 P.M.

On arrival we immediately head straight to have a light lunch and afterwards we went to Car Rentals and rented a Hundai mini bus, as we had a appointment at Josephine’s Restaurant in Barbeton for dinner.

Afterwards we went to check in at the Fountain Bath’s Guest House, where we were based for our stay in Mpumalanga.

The following day ( 13th ) we went to wander around at the Nelspruit Shopping Centre and town and visit the local market, where we find more local vegetables that’s not usually find in the Western Cape.

We used that evening to bond as a team on a social level.

On the 14th we went to Kruger National Park, gate Crocodile bridge.

The scenery at both afore mentioned venues was priceless.

On the way towards the Kruger Park we were passing : Banana’s , avocado’s, Papaya’s, Sugarcanes plantations. We never see this in the Western Cape.

In the Park we’ve seen animals closely and that was very special for us. The landscapes and wild life was unique.

Old Mill Trip - The staff with NikkiWe were lucky and saw “ Blue Velvet Monkeys, Giraffes, Buffalo’s, 7 Rhinoceros, Elephants plenty, a lot of Impala’s, 10 Hippopotamus, Crocodiles, 8 Wild dogs, Zebra’s, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Hyrax, Water Tortures,

Birds : Roller, Fish Eagle, Saddlebilled Stork, Hamerkop, African Jacana, Striped Cuckoo, Yellowbilled Hornbill, and special trees : Sausage tree, Umbrella Acacia, Mountain Seringa.

We went to Skukuza, the center of the Park and visit the restaurant and look around in the Park Shop. We were looking how they do the merchandising and lay-out of the gift shop.

On the 15th May we went back to Josephine’s Restaurant to receive intensive training with regards to hospitality, cooking and wait ring. The training was quite learning full and relevant as we can apply what we have learnt at Old Mill Restaurant in order to ensure better service delivery.

On the 16th we went back to Josephine’s Restaurant to discuss what we learnt the day before and practice it.

After the training we went for a outing to Badplaas Spring Resort, near Barbeton.

We of course took as many pictures as possible as we would like to remember this remarkable trip of a lifetime.

I’ve realised time is made out of captured moments. It’s indeed the captured moments not only taken on pictures, but the printed images in our minds.

That our hearts will treasure and never forget.